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Selecting A Tent

We all remember our first tent and the failure of those bamboo poles in a howling wind.   And, if you have been around long enough, your parents dragged you around the country to Yosemite, Yellowstone, Mt. Ranier and other National Parks  the family slept in the old heavy canvas tent.  At Hermits Hut, we only sell quality three and four season tents made to to handle wind, rain and snow and even more importantly ventilate unlike the canvas tent breathe.  We carry MSR, Sierra Designs, North Face,Eureka, Marmot, Kelty and other popular backpacking and mountaineering brands.  You will also find a great selection of tent accessories, footprints, vestibules, tarps and bivy shelters.

When choosing a tent many factors come into play.  Is it for climbing and mountaineering , backpacking or family camping?  Do you camp in the winter or just in the summer.   There are four factors when choosing a tent size, weight, style and price

When choosing the size of your tent the first thing to consider is how many people will be sleeping in it.  Will you be experiencing weather like rain and snow or will you be camping in hot dry conditions?  How much room do you need per person.  Are you tall or wide?   When choosing a tent  first check the square footage and dimensions.  You should also consider the width of your sleeping pad.  Storage is a also important.  If you are going to be camping in wet stormy weather you will want extra space and pockets and a gear loft to store clothes, games and other things.  Lofts are great for hanging a headlight to light up the whole tent when you are playing poker or Yahtzee.   Most tents have a vestibule for storing boots, pack and dogs.  Just remember the bigger the tent the more it will weigh.

When you carry your home on your back every ounce counts.  Tents now days are much lighter then they used to be but you should still expect to carry 2-4 pounds per person depending on whether it is a three or four season tent.  If you are still hiking and climbing  strong choosing a tent with a little more room is always a good way to go.

Tents usually have one or two doors.  The doors can either be on one side, both sides or or on end of the tent.  What style you choose will depend on how you use your tent and who is sleeping with you.  If you only need one vestibule and are concerned with weight  then  one doo r should work fine.   I f you need the storage of two vestibules and you don’t want to disturb your sleeping partners then definitely go with two doors.

At Hermit’s Hut we carry quality tents at the best price on the Internet.  With that said, prices do vary between manufacturers.   You should think of your tent purchase as an investment in your comfort as well as your pocketbook.  Saving a few bucks now could just mean you need to re-invest in another tent down the road.  Any serious backpacker or mountaineer should have different tents for different conditions.

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  1. Yeah, We had a tent like that collapse on us in Joshua Tree. The little tent fly was flapping like crazy. It was like 20 degrees out and with the wind howling it was freezing. I got aout about 3-4 times to fix and finally gave up when we heard the crack and the pole busted. My wife and I and our 100 pound dog in the collapsed little tent. As soon as it was light we threw everything in the truck without packing or anything. After that, we came to Hermit’s Hut and got our first real tent. A Kelty Windfoil.

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