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Yates 4 :1 Mechanical Advantage


Yates 4 :1 Mechanical Advantage


Pre-rigged 4:1 mechanical advantage kit contains all necessary equipment needed for a pig-rig (piggyback, ganged-on) raising system. 4:1 pre-rigged raising systems are recognized as the quickest to employ and the most efficient systems used today in standard low and high angle rescue. Less set up time and training time required as compared to building mechanical advantage systems on-scene.


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  • Features
  • 1 150 foot 1/2 inch NFPA Rope (any color)
  • 1 Petzl Rescucender
  • 2 Yates Mountain Lite Double Pulleys
  • 2 Steel Autolock Carabiners
  • 1 Short Dynamic Prusik
  • 1 Rope Bag


Weight 25 oz


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