Petzl Sequoia SRT Harness C69AFA


The SEQUOIA STR saddle is designed to be used for both traditional as well as for single rope climbing techniques. This saddle includes a waist connection point at the front of the saddles as well as a shoulder strap connection point at the rear of the saddle to accommodate a CROLL + SECUR + DELTA chest ascender assembly. The waist connection point can also be used to connect a descent control device.

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  • Attachment point for chest ascender strap

  • Twin-webbing construction technology

  • Suspension bridges available in 25, 30 & 35

  • Angled side D-rings for easy access

  • Height–adjustment strap for gated rings

  • Rings that open for quick bridge alterations

  • FAST quick connect buckles at waist and legs

  • Wide leg straps contact surface area


• The wide waist belt and leg straps of the new SEQUOIA arborist saddles are designed to provide comfort, support and ventilation for long days of extended periods of hanging in trees. The twin webbing construction of the waist belt includes stiffeners, perforated padding and mesh fabric that offers an impressive balance between excellent support and breathability. It’s narrowing side design reduces rib constraint. The waist belt contoured lateral attachment points are positioned for easy access.

• Rugged yet lightweight materials and construction provide excellent durability at 1.37 Kg in weight.

• Gated positioning Rings can be opened to allow for easy replacement of suspension bridges, insertions of swivels and triangulation adjustment of these rings.

• Waist belt comes with a multitude of tool attachment points: 5 gear loops, two side plastic rings to attach hand saws, 7 webbing slots to accept 4 small and 3 large CARITOOL tool holders.

• Waist attachment point for chest ascender and descent control device.


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Size 1: waistbelt: 70-100 cm, leg loops: 50-65 cm, Size 2: waistbelt: 85-120 cm, leg loops: 60-75 cm


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