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Rappel Master Adj. Lanyard w/shockstop


Rappel Master Adj. Lanyard w/shockstop


For use as a adjustable length personal retention lanyard for Rappel Masters, Crew Chiefs and Riggers. Designed to connect to users harness and to fixed surface or helo rappel point via unique aluminum snap hook. Lanyard has adjustable length using Yates adjustable dasy chain system. Adjuster buckle has strength of 6 kN. Kong Tango has 1.1 inch gate opening. Built with mil spec. 5625 tubular webbing, the ultimate strength of lanyard tests over 3400 lbf. (15kN) breaking strength. Kong Tango double locking snap hooks are classified to meet NFPA 1983/2006 edition standards. Strength 7425 lbf. (33kN). Made in USA. Yates SCREAMER Shock absorber added for energy absorbtion. In the event an activation force of 2.5 kN (600 lbs) is exerted on the lanyard during a fall the SCREAMER has the potential to absorb 2-3 kN of energy if fully activated (11 inches).


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  • Features
  • Available in terra and black
  • Length retracted 18 inches
  • Length fully extended 47 inches


Weight 4 oz



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