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Kestrel 2000 Thermo Anemometer

$129.95 $106.56


Kestrel 2000 Thermo Anemometer

$129.95 $106.56

The Kestrel 2000 Pocket Thermo-Anemometer is a small electronic rotating vane anemometer with built in temperature sensor. It uses high precision jewel bearings and a light weight impeller to provide accurate wind measurements even at low speeds. The impeller is replaceable by the user in the case of damage.
The combination of anemometer, precision temperature sensor and powerful processing enables the instrument to display the wind chill equivalent temperature, a function important to anyone going outdoors in cold conditions. Maximum speed, average speed and units selection are also provided. The liquid crystal display has large 9mm high digits for a clear readout.
Power is from an easily replaceable standard lithium coin type cell that will typically give up to 400 hours of operation. The instrument switches off automatically if no keys are pressed for 30 minutes.
The Kestrel 2000 is made from high impact injection moulded plastic and corrosion resistant materials with the electronics fully sealed. It will float if accidentally dropped into water. There is a hard cover for protection when not in use and a lanyard is provided for added security.

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  • Air Speed
  • Maximum Air Speed
  • Average Air Speed
  • Temperature
  • Wind Chill Equivalent Temperature
    Choice of speed units:
  • Knots
  • Metres per second
  • Kilometres per hour
  • Miles per hour
  • Feet per minute
  • Beaufort Force
    Choice of temperature units:
  • Centigrade
  • Fahrenheit
    Other Features:
  • Small robust design
  • Large clear liquid crystal display
  • Waterproof (IP67), floats
  • Fast response temperature sensor
  • High precision jewel mounted impeller
  • Replaceable impeller
  • Long life lithium battery
Weight 2 oz


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