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K2 Cassette Binding

$149.95 $112.46


K2 Cassette Binding

$149.95 $112.46

Pro rider style designed for the advancing women rider. Built on the women’s specific A-Line chasasis, and super cush Women’s Caddi ankle strap the 2011-2012 K2 Cassette snowboard binding’s just-right flex is soft but supportive and ready to rock.


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  • Features
  • A-Line GF: one-Piece design for lightweight performance. Fiverglass Reinforced Nylon material. Dialed in flex for female riders. Tool-Less Power Ramp.
  • Gap Eraser Highbacks: Allows you to completely elimainate all gapping between boot and highback, highback and heelcup creating a snug union between you and your board.
  • Laid-Back Forward Lean: All K2 Highbacks have reduced starting forward lean. Maximum forwarad lean is maintained by increased range of adjustment.
  • Women’s AASYM Highback: Center spine for heel-side response. Thermo-Formed EVA Calfpad. Patented Tool-Less Forward Lean.
  • Seamless EVA Footbed: EVA cover with polycarbonate support frame prevents snow build-up. Tool-less ‘Pop Top’ Disc Cover for easy access to disc mount screws.
  • Power Ramp: Tool-Less Adjustment. Intergrated with Full Seamless Footbed.
  • Multi Compatible Disc: Two slot design mounts on 4-hole and 3-hole patterns. Align slots at the tip and tail for 4-hole. Align slots at the toe and heel for 3-hole. Powerhold washers provide bomber locking power.
  • Tool-less Universal: Cored for a lightweight and secure fit over the toe. Tool-Less cam-lock adjust.
  • Aluminum Litespeed: Aluminum Speed ratchet in a lighter weight package.
  • EZ Feed: A wider, tapered ladder opening allows for the easiest, ease of entry.
  • Cam Lock-Center Adjusting: Tool-less and secure adjustment, allows you to precisely center your straps with ease and speed.
  • Custom Caddi: Super Cush performance with Ladder Cover and Durable PU laminates.


Weight 3 oz


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