Black Diamond Camalots (.3 – .75)

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Patented double-axis action allows the use of larger cams, enabling each Camalot to fit a greater range of cracks

  • Generous overlaps between sizes allows you to carry fewer pieces and still cover your bases
  • Single-stem stainless-steel cable with long-wearing nylon tube remains rigid for easy placement and retains flexibility even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Ergonomic trigger permits individual manipulation of cams and can be pulled easily with gloved or mittened fingers
  • Fat 1/4'' width cams distribute the load on soft rock; overall width of unit is narrow for better placement in shallow cracks
  • Radiused teeth increase cam durability and holding power
  • Sewn-on nylon sling simplifies racking and economizes on carabiners
  • Manufactured, inspected and individually tested in USA
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Size Expansion Range Strength Weight
1 30.0mm – 51.0mm 16.0 kN 151g
2 38.0mm – 64.0mm 16.0 kN 184g
3 51.0mm – 86.0mm 16.0 kN 240g
3.5 61.0mm – 104.0mm 16.0 kN 307g
4 74.0mm – 124.0mm 16.0 kN 349g
4.5 87.0mm – 147.0mm 12.0 kN 430g
5 107.0mm – 178.0mm 12.0 kN 544g


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Weight 2 oz

.75, 3, 4, 5


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