G3 Targa T/9 Telemark Bindings

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  • Integrated shim The G3 TARGA comes standard with a super tough 15mm integrated shim. Shimmed bindings provide additional leverage on hardpack snow while eliminating “boot-out” (the annoying phenomenon that occurs during angulated turns when your boot or binding contacts the snow first, thereby lifting your ski edge). The TARGA shim also provides the Major Cable Adjustment necessary for the one size fits all cable and, believe it or not, spare parts (just in case).
  • One size fits all The G3 integrated shim provides a simple, no moving-parts method for achieving a one size fits all cable. The fine adjustment is obtained by simply rotating the spring cartridges. The overlapping adjustment methods are capable of fitting plastic boots from women’s size 4 to men’s size 14. Three different Cartridge options:
  • WORLDCUP CARTRIDGES Recommended for newer, very stiff boots and for racing and aggressive in-bounds skiing. 42% stiffer than XMountain cartridges. Not recommended for deep powder. Produces substantial tip-dive pressure relative to other G3 cartridges. BOOTS: Scarpa T1 & T-Race, Garmont Ener-G & Elektra; Crispi XR, CXR & CXU COLOR Silver stainless casing with green anodized cable connect
  • XMOUNTAIN CARTRIDGES NEW stiffer XMOUNTAIN cartridges flex bigger boots with ease for aggressive backcountry skiers and hot laps at the resort. Recommended for stiffer and new boots. BOOTS: Scarpa T1 & T2; Garmont Ener-G, Syner-G & Genesis, Crispi CXP COLOR Silver stainless casing with red anodized cable connect
  • CROSSTOUR CARTRIDGES Recommended with medium stiffness boots. Works well in a wide variety of conditions. BOOTS: Scarpa T2, T3 & T4; Garmont Excursion, Evo, Genesis & Venus; Crispi CXA & CXT COLOR Silver stainless casing with silver anodized cable connect
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  • The TARGA T/9 is the latest version of the G3 TARGA High Performance Telemark Binding designed to take telemark skiing to a new level. The new quad-riveted aerospace alloy toe plates and heel tubes are both lighter and stronger than the regular TARGA, giving all the performance features of a TARGA at a lighter weight. The innovative use of aerospace alloy makes the T/9 toe plates the lightest and strongest available. The TARGA T/9 is the ultimate in telemark binding technology.
  • Aerospace alloy body Using advanced engineering such as Finite Element Modeling and high-end CAD/CAM systems, we’ve created a higher standard in telemark binding technology. The new ultra high performance TARGA T/9 uses aluminum and stainless steel to save you weight without sacrificing durability. In fact, it’s stronger yet lighter than the stainless TARGA.
  • High performance boot fit No expense was spared in developing the precision tools required to manufacture the TARGA’s toe-plate to exacting tolerances. This precise toe-plate geometry, combined with the smooth, featureless top surface of the anti-ice plate, results in an unparalleled fit between your boot and the TARGA binding. Energy transfer is thus maximized giving you the control and performance we’ve all been waiting for.
  • Serviceable design The G3 TARGA binding was designed from scratch to be simple, durable, and user friendly. The modular design ensures that back-country repair of all parts can be performed easily with minimal tools and grief. We even went as far as including spare parts in the shim!

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Weight 8 oz

Crosstour, World Cup, XMountain


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