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Hiking Backpacks

Finding the Best Backpack for Hiking

Choosing a hiking backpack means defining what type of hiking you will need the backpack for. Hiking backpacks encompass everything from frame packs and hydration accessories to light packs and day packs. You will, of course, want to consider the weight of the pack, but you will also want to consider the distance and time frame of your hiking trip when selecting a hiking backpack.

Day Hiking Backpacks

A day pack is a simple hiking backpack for getting out in the wild for a day or two and traveling light. A day pack is a perfect option for a simple, quick hiking or camping trip.
Hiking Backpacks

Frame Backpacks for Hiking

Frame packs are a step up and are made for longer excursions. A frame pack is a good hiking backpack option for most seasoned distance hikers.

Hydration Packs

Hydration packs can be a lifesaver for distance hiking groups. In some environments, water is scarce and in all environments water is a must.

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Hiking Backpack Reviews

Reviews of Hiking Backpacks

I had been hiking for a while but was interested in taking a longer trip. Dan at Hermit’s Hut was very helpful and knowledgeable. He helped me get a great pack at a reasonable price. I really enjoy that I can always call you guys to get the one-on-one help I need. Thanks Hermit’s Hut!

C. Charles

Just when I got tired of digging through varying prices and worthless descriptions I gave Hermit’s Hut a call and talked to a real person on the phone that was able to help me get a great backpack for our upcoming hiking trip. It even showed up at my door with time to spare. Thanks fellas.

P. Decker

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Hiking Backpacks

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