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RSI Haul Safe Pulley

$210.00$235.00 $189.00$210.00


RSI Haul Safe Pulley

$210.00$235.00 $189.00$210.00

The RSI Haul Safe pulley is an innovative hauling/raising system with built-in safety grab (cam). The 4:1 unit provides the optimal mechanical advantage for vessel and manhole extraction. Once the Haul Safe pulley is attached to a rigging point and said worker is properly secured to the haul safe with the safety cam engaged, the Haul Safe unit works as a hauling system with a “deadman’s” safety. Even if the hauling team is incapacitated, the victim is secure and will not fall back down the shaft. The RSI Haul Safe pulley is available in either single or double sheave models for a wide variety of applications. Double Sheave Pictured


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  • Dimensions: 3 1/2″ x 11″
  • M.T.S.: 10,000lbf
  • Weight: 24oz


Weight 3 oz

Single Sheave, Double Sheave


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