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Omega Pacific Wall Hammer

$99.95 $89.88


Omega Pacific Wall Hammer

$99.95 $89.88

Our hammer is, simply, the very best wall hammer ever built. It’s got heft – 32 ounces of it – for driving even the most pesky pins with ease. The fiberglass shaft reduces vibration and the ribbed rubber handle is easy to hold with plenty of surface contact for accuracy and power. The head has an extended beak for tapping ‘heads and the carabiner hole and the butt ring are big enough to accommodate nearly any carabiner out there. Every hammer also comes equipped with our Funkness Device for testing and removing ‘heads and pins. Or, you can use it as a bomber hammer leash.

Part # Description Material Weight
grams / ounces Length
WHMR Wall Hammer w/ Funkness Device 17-4 Stainless Steel Head / Fiberglass Shaft 911 / 32 33


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