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MSR Revo Ascent Snowshoes -Womens

$239.95$289.95 $210.00$255.00


MSR Revo Ascent Snowshoes -Womens

$239.95$289.95 $210.00$255.00

Packed with our latest technologies, the Womenês Lightning Axis snowshoes represent a giant leap in snowshoeing performance, ease and comfort. First, our new Revo Gait Efficiency system allows you to laterally adjust bindings independently of the frame, ensuring efficient, parallel-tracking snowshoes regardless of natural toe-out and toe-in stances. Combined with an aggressive and light 360ç Traction frame adapted for a womenês gait, these shoes offer absolute snowshoeing efficiency. In addition, new SpeedLockÈ bindings offer set-it and forget-it simplicity with all-terrain comfort. New ErgoÈ Televators save you on the steeps and, of course, you get the benefit of our Modular Flotation tails to provide you with the confidence and versatility you want across a broad range of snowshoeing experiences.


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  • Revo Gait Efficiency: Worldês first bilateral binding adjustment neutralizes variances in natural foot positions to ensure a parallel stride.
  • SpeedLock Comfort: Set it and forget it, glove-friendly adjustment and comfort, plus an optional, included strap for maximum security on challenging terrain.
  • All-Condition Adaptability: Modular Flotation tails allow you the maneuverability of a smaller, primary snowshoe with the optional, on-demand flotation 5-inch (13-cm) tails.
  • Uphill Efficiency: Ergo Televators reduce fatigue and increase traction on the steeps, with a new, ergonomic design that engages with a simply flick of a pole grip.
  • Color Purple
  • Weight per pair 3 lbs 12 oz / 1690 g 3 lbs 15 oz / 1780 g
  • Width 7.25 in / 18 cm 7.25 in / 18 cm
  • Length 22 in / 56 cm 25 in / 64 cm
  • Binding type SpeedLock SpeedLock
  • Televator X X


Weight 10 oz

22inch, 25inch



Flotation Tails

Yes , No Tails


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