Backpacking Stoves

Backpacking Stoves

Types of Backpacking Stoves

The Cannister Outdoor Gas Stove & and The Re-fillable Fuel bottle Stove

Hermit’s Hut Base Camp 1 offers a huge outdoor gas stove selection for backpacking and camping. Backpacking stoves are broken into two types based on the fuel delivery system: Cannister Stoves and Re-fillable Fuel bottle stoves. Canister backpacking stoves are a no fuss option for those with no primer experience. Fuel bottles come in different sizes and, depending on the model of outdoor gas stove, can use different types of fuel.

White gas is the most commonly used fuel in an outdoor gas stove, but some backpacking stoves are made to use unleaded fuel, kerosene and white gas or others. These stoves are great for the international traveler, backpacker and mountaineer subject to different fuel sources.

The downside of these stoves and they need to be primed before they are ready to cook. This is done by turning on the fuel and letting a little saturate the stove burner and or cup and lighting it and letting it burn off. What this does is vaporize the fuel in the line so it atomizes and burns easily. This is just like the way a car injects gas to your spark plugs.

Another thing to consider when buying a backpacking stove is what you will use it for. Do you just need to boil water for backpacking meals where you pour the water in a bag and let it steep or do you want to prepare a meal and actually cook it in the pan? The types of backpacking you do will decide what kind of outdoor gas stove you need.

Selection of Backpacking Stoves

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Backpacking Stoves are a Must for Camping Cooking

Backpacking stoves are cool and all, but the best part of cooking with an outdoor gas stove is the memories it helps you create. Like bringing your wife coffee in the morning.